Why Culture?

Culture is the most potent force known to human history! Whatever controls the culture, usually controls the people.

We were created to operate in a love filled culture, but society has led us away from that. Our youths now glorify violence, greed, and materialism. This modern day culture has destroyed the mindsets of our youth, and its ultimately destroying communities. We must be able to overcome “countercultures” countercultures are cultures that gravitate against the primary culture in society. So in essence our mission is to combat any counterculture that is contrary to a culture of love, peace and unity.

Culture gives people what they desperately need in life, a set of meanings. Once we know the meaning and significance of things we are able to develop that comfortable sense of belonging, and with that sense of belonging comes a sense of identity and security.

Sadly the culture of today has watered down the meaning and significance of  things and standards that were once held in high regards that promoted good living. Our youth has adopted this culture of mediocrity, and have found a sense of identity and security in it.

Culture in its totality is a powerful contributor to economic development, social stability, and environmental protection. Culture also defines the way human beings live and interact both at local and global scales.

We  believe as Culture Changing Christians, that as we continue to progress and get involved, this culture will never be the same!