Our communities are clearly being decimated by the continual wave of violence. Majority of them are ages 13-35 our younger generation. Majority of them are minorities living in at risk communities, where the culture has transformed to one in which disagreements are settled by violence.

Last year 331 people were killed last year in Philadelphia. Slightly above the 5 year average of 319 people per year.

62 victims were Caucasian.

219 were African American

45 were Hispanic

5 were Asian/ Pacific Islander

290 were males and 41 were females.

This averages out to 1 person being killed every 24 hours and 10minutes

If you think those numbers are bad, those were the people that died, there were far more people that were shot last year! 1297 people were shot in Philadelphia last year. Here are the numbers and age groups for murder victims and shooting victims in Philadelphia.


Age group of murder victims    Age group of shooting victims

0-10:             7                                                                                        5

11-17:            16                                                                                      90

18-24:           106                                                                                   548

25-34:           103                                                                                    394

35-44:           53                                                                                      136

45-54:           29                                                                                      75

55-64:           6                                                                                         24

65+ :             11                                                                                         7


161 shooting victims were Caucasian

132 shooting victims were Hispanic

975 shooting victims were African American

11 shooting victims were Asian/ Pacific Islander

Those numbers are alarming, and clearly is indicative of the condition of the current culture.

251 murders occurred outdoors right in the streets of our communities, 80 of them were indoors.

Whats even more alarming is the motives behind the murders! The number one motive behind violence in the city of Philadelphia “Arguments”!  48% of the murders stemmed from an argument. Sadly this has become the solution for handling disagreements in our city. Even more reason for us to change the culture. Here are the statistics for the motives of the murders last year.

Drugs: 34victims 10.3%

Domestic: 24 victims 7.3%

Argument: 158 victims 48%

Resisted Robbery: 13 victims 3.8%

Committed Robbery: 4 victims 1.2%

Highway Robbery: 29 victims 8.8%

Child Abuse: 5 victims 1.5%

Other: 11 victims 3.3%

Retaliation: 23 victims 6.9%

Unkown: 30 victims 9.1%

Honestly it saddens us to post these statistics, and we’re working diligently to see a reduction in these numbers! It will take a huge effort of support and commitment if we truly want to accomplish this, and make our communities a safer and more productive place to live. We would love for you to join us!

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