Hunger For More

Hunger For More

Hunger For More

Written On: 10/13/2015

Devotional by: Bryce Malone (@609turtle)


It’s difficult for people to appreciate a good meal when they aren’t hungry. If all day long we eat small meals and snacks to give us short bursts of energy we won’t be hungry for a real filling meal at dinner! Our relationship with God can be very similar to this. If we constantly fill ourselves with things that don’t feed our souls and cleanse us spiritually, we will never be hungry for more of God and as a result can miss out on many, many things that He has in store for us. God fills the people who are hungry for more of him and desire him, but the people who are rich (filling themselves with the desires of the flesh) get “junk food” or nothing! “He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away with empty hands.” (Luke 1:53)

Those who know how desperately they need God are those who are able to easily find Him. When you search and yearn for something and truly long for it, you normally find it, right? We need to have that same sense of desperation for our relationship with God. We need to come to terms that without God, we will never have anything worthwhile, but with Him, we have everything we will ever need. For me, I recently realized this; I did when I sensed that if I lost everyone, my friends and my family, that I would be ok because I have Jesus! I obviously would never want that to happen, but if it ever did, I know I’d be ok.

{ I won’t stay on this subject long, but this is something people who are always searching for a relationship need to realize. Stop thinking everyone you encounter is the one God has planned for you and let His will for you pan out. In being so desperate for a relationship with someone else we miss out on the fullness of a relationship we can have with the God who desperately seeks one with us. Once you realize Jesus is all you need, that is when you can truly learn to love yourself and find your worth. Jesus loves you no matter what, if you stay committed to your relationship with Him and allow Him to take control, He’ll never be restricted from the amount of blessings He can place into your life. Once you see He completes you and you need nothing but Him, you’ll never catch yourself wanting a relationship “just to have someone.” Why? Because you’ll have HIM! You’ll never settle for someone who doesn’t draw you closer to God, doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, doesn’t accept your flaws and try to build with you no matter what mistakes each of you make, and once you don’t settle for that, you’ll be able to identify the one God set aside for you much more easily. }

So all the junk food and needless snacks we eat throughout the day is the equivalent to the needless, senseless and useless activities we allow to fill our thoughts on a daily basis. The activities we do may not be wrong so to speak, they may be perfectly ok actually, but if they fill us with desires that reduce our spiritual hunger for what God has prepared for us, then it becomes a problem. Anything from a pointless journey to acquire something unnecessary, or watching television, or doing something that pleases us instead of finding something that pleases God and others. Now we don’t have to always be doing this, but if we are doing something that reduces that hunger for God, it should be cut down as much as possible, because otherwise, it will begin to take effect, and the times you do seek to please God and others will rapidly and steadily decline! Not only that, but ask anyone who tries to focus on pleasing God and others most of the time, I guarantee you they say they feel more “full” at those times, than when they are trying extremely hard to please themselves.

God has a great and delicious meal set at His table for each and every one of us. All we have to do is show Him that we are hungering for Him. “You satisfy me more than the richest feast.” (Psalm 63) It’s time to get rid of the “snacking” we have been slaves to in our everyday lives, and replace that with the fullness of the meals that God has prepared for us whenever we are ready to sit at His table.

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