The city of Philadelphia is suffering from a growing trend of high school dropouts. They also recently shut down 23 schools which also isn’t helping to reduce this trend. We believe that the culture of today has played a major role in this because there is no longer an importance placed on education in communities. Our youth are now encouraged by the culture in communities to sell drugs, and carry guns to rob people for money. They often dropout of school to pursue such things. Here are some educations statistics that support our analysis.

Over the past 5 years the graduation rate for high school students have hovered between 50-61%. Half the students that enter as freshmen do not graduate in 4 years, far behind the PA average (80%) and the national average (68%).

Nearly twice as many African Americans dropout than Caucasians. 80% of the Philadelphia School District are minorities, 62% of them are African Americans. Studies show that students from low income families are 6 times more likely to leave school than wealthy families. Clearly the culture in the low income at risk communities has determined that dropping out to to pursue fast money is the best way to solve their issues. Certainly they’re in error. This actually compounds to much greater problems, such as prison. 82% of prisoners in the US are high school dropouts.

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