In today’s society people are considered poor if they are unable to have access to what is generally considered to be a reasonable standard and quality of life.

Philadelphia has the highest rate of deep poverty of any of the nations most populous cities. The annual salary for a single person at half the poverty line is around $5,700; for a family of four its around $11,700.

Philadelphia’s deep-poverty rate is 12.9 percent, or around 200,000 people! Overall Philadelphia has the highest overall poverty rate – 28.4 percent- of any of America’s biggest cities. Most of these people are surviving with cash assistance and non cash assistance for food from welfare. This has ultimately forced people to live in unbearable amounts of stress. Living in social dysfunction.

We believe that these are very tough situations, that may almost seem virtually impossible to escape, but we also believe that poverty is a mindset that can be defeated. If communities were to come together and break free from the mindset that they must accept their current circumstances and poverty, there could be movement outside of the chaos!

This culture of poverty describes a certain type of poverty. It depicts a certain category of poor people: those who have lost all hope of getting out of their social and economic deprivation. Their poverty deprives them of involvement in educational and governmental structures which are necessary avenues to get out of their suffering. Their feeling of hopelessness becomes the very source of meaning and belonging in their lives. Tragically it is transferred from parents to children, who are then taught to accept their poverty rather than to hope that they can develop skills to escape it!

Through our constant efforts of planting seeds of hope, and new knowledge and wisdom in our youths with our projects, we expect to make a major impact in defeating this poverty mindset! Lets change this poverty culture!

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