Do We Truly Love Others?

Do we truly

Do We Truly Love Others as Ourselves?

Written On: 5/9/2016

Written by: Bryce Malone (@609turtle)


            As Christians we are always told not to judge, to let God handle it, to worry about ourselves because we aren’t perfect either. God will handle it, we aren’t perfect, but we are called to spread the truth of God, no matter how judgmental that may seem to some. In fact, in Ezekiel 33:7-16 He tells us WE are accountable for others just as we are for ourselves! I’m not quoting the scripture because I’m hoping it forces you to open up your bible! To sum it up, God tell us that if we warn a wicked person who is sinning against God to turn from their ways we will not be held accountable when they die in that sin; but, if we do not warn the wicked person who (whether willfully or unknowingly) is sinning against God, then WE are accountable and their blood is on OUR hands when that person dies in their sin! Think about that! How many times a day do we see even those we love and care about the most, doing something we know is doing nothing for them but distancing them from God and forcing Him to without natural blessings from them because they are straying from Him and proving themselves unready! I use the word unready rather than unworthy because we are ALL unworthy but through Christ are made worthy! God’s blessings are given not earned, but we can prove ourselves ready for certain things by committing our way to Him. We can grow in Him and trust in his spiritual pleasures rather than the pleasures of this world to show to Him we are ready for certain things. Now we may believe we are ready for certain things like a husband or a wife, and we very may well be, that may speed His timing up and it may not. It’s important to remember He is all knowing, not us, He knows the deepest desires and thoughts of our hearts, not us. All we can do is continue to improve, for instance, remove that seed that we plant in ourselves that causes us to sin, drive out that lust we have for every woman that walks by, become responsible by removing the willful ways we expose ourselves to this sin. Become responsible. You know following that half-naked woman on Instagram is a seed that could grow into potential lust later? Unfollow! You know that listening to certain music causes you to stumble? Delete it! Sometimes it may just be temporary until you’re able to look at all people the way God does, or until you can handle certain music in smaller quantities, everybody is different!

Now, how do we become responsible and begin to improve? We stay in our word, we pray daily, we pray whenever we can remember to no matter how short it may be. We begin to meditate on God’s word and realize what happened in what we read, why and what we can learn from it to apply that into our own lives. We let His Spirit renew us in mind and heart until we can see His glory in everything we do and see and begin to apply that to our everyday lives. We take our renewed selves and put the words and thoughts inside us into repetitive unselfish action as often as we can.

Going back to where we started, I don’t expect us all to interrupt every person we see doing something wrong and preach them the Gospel of Christ, but it takes only seconds to pray for them! Let’s start with ourselves, our loved ones, if we really love them we wouldn’t let them be living in sin falling away from God anyways, right?! Let’s begin to grow closer to God, allow Him access to the deepest parts of our hearts and take what he instills in us and put it into action, every. Single. Day. After all, wouldn’t you want them to tell YOU?

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