CCC Projects

Culture Changing Christians will be centralized but not limited to these 6 core projects.


Culture Changing Sessions

Powerful, informative, and instructive seminars that are focused on today’s issues that are crippling the culture. Through these sessions, we identify the issues, and we learn together how to defeat them. It will be an event that will bring together like minded individuals that not only want to change the culture, but change their lives for the better. We will also serve food and beverages, and provide reading materials to take home.

Culture Changing  Christians Street Teams

Our mission is to strengthen and unite communities by interacting and building true relationships with the people living in these at risk communities. We plan to go out weekly, visiting a specific area getting to know the people and whats plaguing the culture in their area, leading up to our Culture Changing Community Event.

Culture Changing Community Event

After spending weeks in a specific community, our Street Team members will go out and promote these Culture Changing Community Events. These events will unite all the people that we’ve encountered, and we plan to have local councilmen, church leaders, business owners, and law officials there to address their perspective communities as well. We will provide food, drinks, prizes, and informative handouts for people to take home.

Culture Changing Home Sessions

We recognize that some families are going through serious trials and need personal support.  So Quarterly we will select 2 families for Christian counseling once a week over a 2 month period to personally strengthen, unite, and empower those families to thrive together.

Church In The Wild

During our experiences feeding and interacting with homeless and less fortunate individuals, they have continually complained about the lack of spiritual support and knowledge they don’t have, due to the fact that they don’t have the means to attend church regularly.  We will be hosting an outdoor church service monthly, for them and anyone else that would like to attend. Food and Refreshments  will be served, as well as personal items of need will be provided.

CCC Crisis Response Team

This team consists of dedicated individuals that will respond to the needs of victims of various tragedies throughout the city. We will arrive to pray and encourage families, and also try to provide personal items that are needed as well.