Culture Changing Christians envisions a thriving generation, that was once hampered by a deteriorating culture, but will instead be living a life of renewed purpose and hope.


Culture Changing Christians is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization that’s impacting the culture by promoting Love, Peace, and Unity, through the love of Jesus Christ.


Each year Culture Changing Christians will strive to impact these three major areas that are negatively affecting the culture.

Violence: We intend to attack the recurring issues of gun violence in Philadelphia in which a person is shot every 6 hours, 48 mins.

Education: Reduce the number of dropouts and increase the on time graduation rate in Philly which is only at 61%.

Poverty: We will defeat what we believe to be a “poverty mindset” in the communities and help build an entrepreneur mindset for youths, to increase the median household income of only $37,000.


Get To Know Us  

WHO are we?: Culture Changing Christians is an organization of Christians who want to change the culture. Obvious enough, right? The break down is this: we are Christians. We are constantly making an effort to learn, grow, and essentially trying to become the people Christ wants us to be and knows we can be. Through the Word of God and the support of our brothers and sisters we aspire to change the culture. We want to reach out to our neighbors, build relationships and get to the root of the issues that are negatively affecting the culture of our communities. We are people who, much like yourself, are frustrated with the crime, hatred, and negativity that surround us. Through the foundation of Love, Peace and Unity we will change this culture. We are Culture Changing Christians.


WHAT do we do?: CCC has a variety of initiatives to slowly but surely change the culture of the community. These range from Bible study to Culture Changing Sessions; from hosting outdoor church services for the homeless to community events, and the CCC Street Team and Crisis Response Team. Our goal is to uplift the community while also nourishing our minds and spirits. We are here to support each other, the community and most importantly, we are here to support you! Whether you are searching for guidance, an opportunity to impact the community, or just a listening ear, CCC is here to do what we can! Reach out to any one of our team members for more information on our various initiatives or send an email to info@culturechangingchristians.org. We would love to hear from you!


HOW can you help?: There are numerous ways you can help! If you are interested in donating please visit our Support CCC section. Donations, regardless of how big or how small, are always welcomed! All donations received go towards venues, supplies, and other resources needed to fund our various projects.

We are also always looking for volunteers! If you are interested in participating in any of our initiatives, please send an email to info@culturechangingchristians.org! We appreciate all of the help we receive and most importantly, we need it! As a non-profit organization, we need volunteers to continue to thrive so we truly love and appreciate those who offer their time to participate in our projects.

We understand that it is easy to look at the deteriorating culture around us and become discouraged by the overwhelming negativity. But there is hope for a better and brighter future in our communities.  Join us and together we will Change the Culture!


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